Stillage cages - Beer bottles

SUFILOG continues its development of storage and transport solutions to satisfy as many professionals as possible.

This is why we naturally wanted to put our expertise in wine sector logistics to the benefit of brewers!

SUFILOG now offers robust stillage cages dedicated to beer bottles. Ideal for all temporary storage before packing!

Because securing your bottles is important for us.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know the formats and capacities of the bottles you use!

Concerned about glass reuse?

…You will find it very interesting!

SUFILOG fully supports the concept of reusing beer bottles…A more ecological vision for la reduced environmental impactt! Its stillage cages, which offer a large storage capacity of bottles per stillage cage, play a key role by intervening at each step of the circuit:

COLLECT, SORT, STORE, DRY and TRANSPORT all beer bottles safely.

What role does SUFILOG play in this reuse system?… find out more