Food industry: our handling and storage equipment

SUFILOG is a major equipment manufacturer in the food industry. Our roll cages are used to transport and store hung meat-based products, vacuum packed or in a shrink-wrapped tray: meat rollcages, 12 or 24 hook rollcages, sliding rollcage, long box, plastic pallets… SUFILOG created materials used in the wine and cheese industry.

To protect your products in the best conditions possible and ensure compliance with the cold chain and safety standards, SUFILOG offers you isothermal logistics supports composed of cabinets, flexible isothermal packaging like casing, with or without a refrigerated system.

Our materials come in various sizes and include many options. Very useful accessories complete our products: protective hoods and casing, isothermal casing, shelves, straps, etc. Discover our standard and specific products.

  • Rollcages

    Rollcages (11)

    SUFILOG has developed a whole range of agri-food rolls in CR3....
  • Rollcage casing

    Rollcage casing (3)

    Discover roll container trolleys for sale for professionals in the Agribusiness business. Isothermal...
  • Stillage cages

    Stillage cages (3)

    Discover all wire mesh containers for the Agribusiness activity. SUFILOG offers a wide range of wire...
  • Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets (4)

    Discover all the plastic pallets on sale for professionals of the agri-food business. Plastic...
  • Accessories

    Accessories (8)

    Handling and storage equipments accessories for stillage cages, roll cages or racks....