Waste management and recycling: our equipment ranges

To improve collection and sorting performance in the Recycling and environment sector, SUFILOG offers a complete range of storage and handling equipment suitable for collecting and transporting all types of waste intended for Recycling: plastic, D3E, metal , rubber, auto parts (windshields, bumpers, etc.), fire extinguishers, DIND, PAM, paper.

With large volume and load capacities, some of our models are equipped with a turning system that safely facilitates the transfer of loads and simplifies cleaning. Recycling containers, large-volume wire containers, 700 and 1,000 liter waste containers, support for big-bags, etc.

SUFILOG helps you on a daily basis to ensure the recycling management of the many materials to be processed, from Collection to Transport, including Sorting, Valuation, Handling and Storage.

A real recycling circuit in which SUFILOG offers you solutions at each stage to act together!