Our range of electrogalvanized stillage cages and containers

Thanks to its 35 years of experience, SUFILOG is an electrogalvanized stillage cages and containers specialist, for storage, handling and logistics needs in a very wide range of industries.

Discover our wide range of containers, with various types, sizes and volume capacities, designed to offer you the best technical characteristics, with the assurance of preserving the safety of your stored and transported goods. All our containers are foldable, stackable and rackable. Resistant, compact if necessary, they are ideal for collecting and recycling WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) or for bottle.

They can also be used for small parts transit, in a train formation, if the containers are equipped with wheels and trailer hitches…  Beside electrogalvanized stillage cages and containers, SUFILOG offers perfect logistic solutions!