Bordeaux 600 4/1

Ideal box for storing Heritage and Tradition Bordeaux bottles.

15 beds of 40 bottles = 600 bottles

Our CR3 electro galvanised stillage cages are very robust. They protect all of your wine production stored in the cellars.

You can easily access the filling of your stillage cage using the two 1/2 front doors which lock with self-locking handles.

Do not hesitate, either, to stack your stillage cages to save space: You can build stacks of 5 containers for static storage. As soon as you no longer need your stillage cages, fold them and stack them while waiting for the next production.

Our Design Office has designed for this model of stillage cage, a special wedging (photo 6) which, positioned directly on the base, makes it possible to store, this time, Burgundy bottles! You do not need to acquire new supports, thanks to this wedging grid, your Burgundy bottles will be well stabilized inside the Bordeaux stillage cage!

Discover other accessories at your disposal to complete your stillage cage, such as the very useful protective covers to prevent dust on your bottles!

All special requests for a product in the category are analyzed by our Design Department.