Half-module stillage cage

This half-size stillage cage is ideal for storing fine vintages from all wine regions, in small quantities. It saves you from using a standard size stillage cage for just a few bottles. The mini stillage cage was designed to store bottles in small quantities!

According to the type of bottles :

Bordeaux bottles: 10 beds of 19 bottles = 190 bottles (picture 3)

Burgundy bottles: 12 beds of 18 bottles = 216 bottles (picture 4)

Magnum format bottles: 8 beds of 10 Magnums = 80 Magnums (picture 5)

Complete your mini stillage cage with removable label holders that will allow you to identify your last bottles !

You no longer need to use your half-module stillage cage? Fold it up and stack stillage cages while waiting for the next bottle storage operation !

Our mini stillage cages do not take up space and are very easy to use according to their needs, regardless of the bottle formats, they will be stored safely !

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