Stillage cages

Each region has its specific viticultural characteristics, SUFILOG offers them 15 beds of 40 flutes specially designed stillage cages in the shape of their bottles.
Stalls have been designed to facilitate the alignment of the first layers and accessories can also complement the stillage cage. All our stillage cages are foldable and stackable.

They are electro galvanised CR3 and have self-locking handles.

All our stillage cages for the storage of wine bottles have been designed to suit all types of bottles. You will find stillage cages adapted to bottles of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Jura, Alsace, Crémant and Champagne as well as stillage cages of different sizes that can store magnums or half-bottles.

Each region has its own stillage cage!

Have you ever thought about reusing wine bottles?

SUFILOG has stillage cages used in the glass bottle reuse sector.

We work in close collaboration with players in the sector to facilitate the collection and sorting of bottles dedicated to this system up to the washing stations for reintroduction into the circuit!

The bottles are secured during the different stages and during transport. Our stillage cages make it possible to move a large volume of bottles in the same journey, which is good for the carbon footprint.

A protected bottle is a bottle that extends its life! ….one more step towards an environmental approach.

How does it work?… We explain everything to you here!