Industrial storage: our handling, transport and storage equipment

SUFILOG provides all storage professionals with equipment that meets health and safety standards such as grids, shelfs, and wire deckings. Packages and store goods pallets are safe thanks to these products.

Discover all our standard and specific product ranges for storage warehouses, and more generally wire decking adapted to all types of storage racks, rackable containers and modular storage equipment.

For your specific demands, our research & design office creates wire decking with a size, a mesh and a load capacity accommodated to your storage requirement.

  • Wire decking

    Wire decking (9)

    Discover our ranges of industrial wire decking, conformed to standards and suited for modern...
  • Stillage Cages

    Stillage Cages (2)

    Discover our wide range of containers, with various types, sizes and volume capacities, designed to...
  • Teracks

    Teracks (2)

    Discover our single our double storage racks - Rental of storage racks - Rental of pallet racks...
  • Rollcages

    Rollcages (1)

    Discover our wide range of roll cages adapted to all sectors : handling, storage, transport...
  • Eurack

    Eurack (2)

    Discover our range of racks available for sale and rental...
  • Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets (5)

    Discover our range of plastic pallets, rackable and stackable, for transporting goods...
  • Rollcage casing

    Rollcage casing (1)

    Discover the range of insulated covers and bags declined for various activities : food, delivery...
  • Accessories

    Accessories (6)

    Handling and storage equipments accessories for stillage cages, roll cages or racks....