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For your store equipment needs, SUFILOG can provide supermarket-style trolleys (for small, mid and large supermarkets) and specialist trolleys (gardening and DIY stores) adapted for use in mass-retail outlets. Discover our range of free-to-use trolleys of various sizes, for all types of store formats: composite or hybrid trolleys, shelf-stacking trolleys (ergonomic), Drive trolleys, baskets, basket-holders, roller bases, etc.

If you’re a mass-retail specialist, come and find the best, innovative and ergonomic solutions for your needs! SUFILOG can offer a range of designer shopping trolleys with a range of optional extras: colours, custom handles with or without coin locks, packet support, separating mesh dividers, cot cradles and more. Enhance your store with SUFILOG trolleys!

Equipment that’s right for every store!

  • Shopping trolleys

    Shopping trolleys (9)

    Find the perfect shopping trolley  for you! SUFILOG can provide a wide range of 100% composite or...
  • Specialist strore trolleys

    Specialist strore trolleys (1)

    Gardening, DIY...
  • Baskets

    Baskets (5)

    Baskets for any size store...
  • Shelf-stacking trolleys

    Shelf-stacking trolleys (3)

    A solution to help you restock your shelves...
  • Handles

    Handles (3)

    Choose from a selection of different handles - they’re a great way to enhance your store’s...
  • Optional extras for trolleys

    Optional extras for trolleys (3)

    Transporting fragile or bulky items...