Stillage cage – STEINIE or PARIS type

Secure all your Beer bottles in stillage cages designed for storage our transport!

Brewers endorse our electro galvanised stillage cages which are sufficiently robust to protect their entire beer production.

In this stillage cage, your bottles are stored upright and separated by intermediate plates between each row.

STEINIE type (33 cl) -) 4 rows of 189 bottles = 756 beer bottles 

Type PARIS (34.7 cl) -) 4 rows of 143 bottles = 572 beer bottles 

Often used for drying beer bottles, this stillage cage is ideal post-washing. Lay your bottles inside for safe drying. Its steel mesh ensures effective drying, in contrast to cardboard.

The front half-door simplifies the placement of bottles inside the cage.

To save space, stack our stillages cages, designed to keep the ground area of just one cage, allowing you to form a column of up to 5 cages for efficient static storage.

Do not hesitate to contact us here or by phone for any requests dependng on the beer bottles you use.

Explore our range of stillage cages, tailored to different beer bottle shapes, including VICHY or LONG NECK types!…Find out more here!

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