Mini stillage cage Beer 33 cl – LONG NECK type

Need extra space for your beer bottles? SUFILOG solves your problem with its mini stillage cage!

Appearances can be deceptive, this mini stillage cage offers you great storage possibilities with a total capacity of 351 bottles of beer. Indeed, you can store up to 3 rows of 117 bottles aligned upright!

Moreover, if you need to transport items between your bottling and sales location, its small dimensions are ideal for a safe transportation!

If you brew several varieties of beer, opt for the vertical separator (picture 5) which fits into the stillage cage with a single motion. Then, all you need to do is attach 2 side label holders to identify your bottles.

The SUFILOG tip: Equip your cage with Ø 100 mm polyamide wheels and move your bottles even more easily!

Depending on your floor, our team will advise you on the best wheel choice, contact them!

Efficiency, Safety, Storage…. essential properties combined in this mini stillage cage!

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