Maxi stillage cage – Beer 33 cl LONG NECK type

Avoid broken beer bottles by securing them during drying, storage or transport!

The SUFILOG mesh steel stillage cage is designed to accommodate your 33 cl bottlesVICHY or LONG NECK type! It’s the stillage cage suitable for the most standard beer bottle.

Very effective and practical, the stillage cage protects your beer bottles during the various operations that you are required to carry out.

First of all, when drying the beer bottles: They are lying in the stillage cage. They dry thanks to the mesh of the stillage cage which allows air to circulate. Drying is quick and safe unlike damp cardboard which can be thrown away after this operation!

When storing or transporting beer bottles: They are placed upright and form 4 rows of 324 bottles = 1296 beer bottles

Thanks to its 1/2 folding door on the front, you can easily access the interior of the stillage cage.

Stack up to 4 stillage cages on top of each other: you don’t waste space!

Once your storage operation is complete, fold your stillage cages and stack them to make a single storage column. It’s always available for a new operation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other models, formats or liter sizes of beer bottles, we have other stillage cages to offer you! 

For example, if you are more likely to use STEINIE or PARIS type bottles, SUFILOG recommends this stillage cage model!

All special requests for a product in the category are analyzed by our Design Department.