Maxi Terack

  • Sur demande

This is a TERACK with specific dimensions.

It also has a black plastic floor to allow the sliding of the products and keep them clean.

Ideal for storing, for example, mattresses!

Do you want to store your Maxi-Terack for later use? Nothing could be simpler … Remove the 4 candles and place them in the channels which have been provided on the sole by our Design Office. You will no longer lose them during storage!

SUFILOG has also developed Anti-Fall Flap which allows you to maintain your products or equipment. It also allows to protect them from dust, prying eyes, etc.

Smart, these Anti-Fall Flaps are used as flexible doors and allow free access to the Terack. To close the flaps, a system of hook-and-loop straps has been put in place. In a single gesture, your merchandise is protected.


All special requests for a product in the category are analyzed by our Design Department.