Terack accessory

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This modular storage medium has many advantages thanks to its multiple accessories which are easy to adapt!

Among the ultra-practical accessories is the Anti-Fall Flap. Indeed, how to protect from dust or … only from the eyes … all stored goods?

The solution is quite simply to adjust the Anti-Fall Flap on the 2 or the 4 sides of your TERACK, whether it is single, double, maxi, even returnable! Regardless of the height of your candles, we can offer you Anti-Fall Flaps with an effective result.

The Anti-Fall Flaps in propylene coated fabric are used as a real flexible retaining door. With a simple gesture, you can assemble them using the hook-and-loop strips and tighten them very easily! Not only are our Anti-Fall Flaps ergonomic and quick to adjust, but above all you no longer need to film your products stored on the TERACK soles! No more worrying about restocking stretch film, you save stock management and reduce costs!

TERACK users generally appreciate this type of accessory, such as the Anti-Fall Flap, to belt their goods, for more security. Carpets, mattresses, bicycle tires or any other product are thus protected during storage for a shorter or longer period!

How to identify your products if the Anti-Fall Flap hide the stored boxes? …. The label holder, solidly sewn directly onto the fabric, allows you to slip your own identification documents.

Ask us for advice! … to adapt Anti-Fall Flaps to your TERACKS.

It’s also possible to equip your TERACK with a floor on its sole.

Black plastic floor for double Terack

Adapt a black plastic floor to your double Terack sole. It makes it easier for you to store products by sliding them and isolates them from floor dust.

Lightweight, this plastic floor is easy to install on the sole.

All special requests for a product in the category are analyzed by our Design Department.