Ergonomic solutions

Among the recurring concerns of manufacturers, the well-being and comfort of all operators become more important.

Indeed, it’s essential to create a more ergonomic working environment within any industrial organization and in all types of industry to improve the conditions of each workstation.

This is why SUFILOG has designed a whole range of ergonomic logistics supports which meets the expectations of manufacturers who are aware of the benefits that these products provide on a daily basis.

We offer trolleys whose platform is at a constant level depending on the loads placed on it.
A spring system allows boxes of materials, parts or small supplies to maintain an ergonomic height. Loading and unloading is effortless.

Different models are offered, depending on dimensions, loads or even available accessories, etc.

Fight effectively against MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)!

Our ergonomic trolleys are favored by professional risk prevention organizations.