French specific rull 670… does that mean something to you❓

✅ The French specific rull 670 relating to transport conditions for the disposal of lithium cells and batteries contained in used equipment.

SUFILOG has designed a 1m3 interior cover which fits perfectly into the BDX 1000 container to answer this Standard! From now on, you will be able to collect Small Electrical Appliances using the SUFILOG Container-Cover combo and comply with the regulations in force!

The cover fits perfectly with the box and folds just as easily with the container.

Do you own a Maxi-Industry container? The interior cover is also compatible with this other model in our range. No need to change your mesh container fleet!

Look…it’s over here!

You want to manage your waste and packaging in order to transfer it to the collection and sorting area❓

✅ You have handling tools such as pallet trucks and/or forklifts:

SUFILOG offers you the standard range of containers which perfectly meets your process depending on the volume or size, to choose from among the models presented.

You do not have mechanical handling tools:

SUFILOG allows you to choose the container from the models offered in the range and adapt them with wheels allowing the container to be moved manually.

Also, SUFILOG provides you with an optional hitch kit allowing you to tow several rolling containers together!