Want more storage❓… You don’t need to rent or buy additionnal spaces!

SUFILOG Teracks answer well your problem. Available in several sizes, it allows you to store a maximum of products in a minimum of space. Using flexible and mobile storage is the best option, here’s why:

1️⃣ You can maximize the storage space by adapting the height of racks to your warehouse. Different sizes of candles are available to allow you to adjust the support to the stored merchandise.

2️⃣ The circulation in your warehouse is better by dismantling and stacking unused Teracks. With this solution, the warehouse isn’t crowded and the traffic is secured.

It’s up to you to create your TERACKS wall that fits with your storage needs !

Results = You get a perfoming warehouse which guarantees a fluid circulation and a simple and fast access to products during heavy logistics activities!

Don’t forget the accessories to complete your TERACKS, such as Anti Fall Flap. It secures products and even adapts a floor on the ground to get a smooth surface and facilitate the circulation of bulky products.


You are looking for logistics optimization solutions in pallet size❓

❌ You currently have no support:

SUFILOG offers you the industry and maxi-industry wire container. They are both statict stackable and dynamic stacking. They allow you to maximize the volumes transported as well as your empty return flows.

✅ We also manage products packaged on 1200×1800 pallets:

SUFILOG offers you 2 types of supports allowing you to mix stacking with pallets:

1️⃣ The wired, mixed or tubular Industrial Logistics Pallet (ILP). It is designed according to your specifications.

The advantages: a single support for preparation and transport, 1200×800 pallet stacking possible, and when it’s empty you can fold the pallet to optimize return flows!

2️⃣ The EURACK One-piece, this support with pallet stacking shelves allows you to maximize your loading heights in trucks.

The advantages: the number of shelves per Eurack (1, 2, 3, etc.) will allow you to adjust the numbers of pallet levels. To return, the pallets are stacked in the EURACKS!


Do you know the precautions to take before using wire containers❓

👉 It’s necessary to use your containers on level ground to ensure safety and avoid any tipping. For any handling, it’s essential to use the appropriate methods (forklift driver’s license, fork length). The verticality and space of the piles must be respected.