What trolley size should I choose for my store❓

SUFILOG guides you to choose the ideal shopping trolley! The choice of the volume depends on 3 criteria:

1️⃣ Depending on the size of the store.

2️⃣ Depending on the location of your brand, whether it is in the city center or in a rural area.

3️⃣ Whether your store is located in a shopping center or not.

👉Contact us, our sales team will help you choose the shopping trolley you need!


How many trolleys should my fleet have❓

The necessary number of trolleys is calculated based on two conditions:

1️⃣ Depending on the number of parking spaces the brand has.

2️⃣ The surface area of the point of sale.

👉 The Retail team can advise you on the quantity!


You are concerned about the environment… are our trolleys recyclable❓

♻ Yes, SUFILOG composite trolleys are 💯% recyclable!

They have a base and an upright in polyamide reinforced with fiberglass and a polypropylene basket.

It is the same for the F150 trolley dedicated to garden centers or hardware stores. The top is also made of polypropylene.


What is the lifetime of our trolleys❓

SUFILOG composite trolleys are as robust as all-steel trolleys! They are also less prone to theft.

In addition to their longevity, the trolleys are silent.

✅ 100% composite trolleys only have advantages!


How to customize trolleys❓

By colour of course! …SUFILOG offers many colours: 🟩 Green, 🟦 Blue, 🟥 Red, 🟧 Orange, 🟨 Yellow and Grey.

You will surely find the dominant colours corresponding to the colours of your sign! Consider mixing colours according to the trolley options.

No more steel grey trolleys… and opt for colours that will wake your aisles!

It is also possible to personalize your trolleys with specific colours depending on the quantity ordered (for example, the specific P100 trolley in black colour).