Do you know the ANSI Standard❓

SUFILOG offers references for wire decking that comply with ANSI MH26.2 STANDARD!

ANSI means American National Standards Institute! It’s an organization which works for the development and adoption of standards in the USA, but also internationally.

ANSI MH26.2 standard ensures the compatibility, safety and efficiency of wire decking for industrial storage racks.

In particular, it sets out:

  • Test methods
  • Resistance criteria which allow standardization of specifications for Export.

In other words, this Standard aims to facilitate cooperation between nations and promote international trade!

Would you like to discover our wire decking which respect the criteria of the ANSI MH26.2 Standard?

PM – U strengtheners – 300 Kg

PM – Wire decking

PM – 4 strengtheners 1000 Kg – L 1340 mm

What loads do you store❓

Depending on your use of metal floors, it is better to plan for a lower load than the actual stored load. Depending on the floor ranges, there are 5 maximum loads with varied dimensions for all types of storage.

Secure your pallets of goods on racks:

Sufilog offers you metal floors that meet current safety standards. They allow you to provide overall security for your warehouse, to avoid accidents or falls of pallets stored at height, but also to protect picking areas.


For indoor or outdoor storage, Sufilog offers two different finishes depending on the storage conditions.

✍ You store indoors:

Opt for a floor with an electrogalvanized finish, such as our PMRO.

✍ You store outside: 

Opt for a floor with a hot-dip galvanized finish, such as our PMXP.


You want to store your products safely on fixed shelving in your warehouse❓

✍ You have classic shelving:

SUFILOG offers you the Industry and Maxi-industry stillage cage in 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 1000 formats with rackable feet, allowing you to optimize your storage on rack depth 1000 – 1050 – 1100.

You have specific shelving:

SUFILOG will offer you a tailor-made container design!