Order preparation trolley

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Above all, this order preparation cart is Ultra-practical and easy to use!

Totally dedicated to preparing bulk or bagged orders, Drive operators have all the accessories they need to get organized and save time in their task.

A very useful basket is attached under the handles to store bags and any other supplies or small equipment. 2 shelves are also available to facilitate your operations. One slant allows you to hang documents so they are not scattered and the other can accommodate a scale or even a touch screen for your orders.

This cart is widely acclaimed for Click & Collect operations! The collected goods are concentrated on the shelf with a ridged rubber mat that provides stability and prevents falls. The lower level is more used to slide cardboard products, with 2 possible accesses.

This multi-function trolley par excellence, has ergonomic side handles which facilitate its driving in addition to its 6 wheels and provide operator comfort. A very easy to access immobilizer pad secures your cart at all times.

A true multi-purpose support, this cart can be used to move all kinds of products. It is an essential logistical tool!

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