Stillage cage – Beer 75 cl BELGIEN type

SUFILOG has developed robust electro galvanised steel stillage cage to safely handle and store many beer bottles at the same time. A folding front ½ door allows easy access to the inside of the stillage cage to place rows of beer bottles upright. This 1/2 door locks using self-locking handles which guarantee a secure closure of your entire production!

For this type of beer bottle with a capacity of 75 cl, you can make 3 rows of 184 bottles which form a total of 552 bottles for each stillage cage!

To optimize your storage, use several stillage cages by stacking them to form a stack of 4 stillage cages which does not take up more floor space, so 2208 bottles for each stack!

Do not hesitate to fold your stillage cages when they are no longer in use and stack them: A guaranteed space saving until the next use!

Do you use other bottle formats? Discover our other stillage cages dedicated to store beer bottles!

For example, if you are more likely to use STEINIE or PARIS type bottles, SUFILOG recommends this stillage cage model!

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